Using a JSON file, Yaml, an array or a serialization stored in the database for consume externals APIs


I recently developed an abstraction to organize, facilitate maintenance and mainly standardize the consumption of external APIs.

I haven’t finished the documentation yet and if you want to contribute, just send a PR in the repository. My goal in this article is to show you how you can standardize the consumption of external APIs and thereby facilitate the use, documentation and maintenance of your code.

Whether for a microservices architecture or for use a payment method, the communication between two or more servers will be inevitable. …

The concept of data structure and algorithms is very deep and complex, but in this article, I want to present a simple way to use them in PHP to make your code cleaner and more cohesive.

Before start, sorry my english, I’m striving to improve it ;)

I that understand that data structures and algorithms are more complex and deeper concepts than I will address in this article. But even a complex concept can be applied to simple everyday things, as I intend to exemplify below…

I have been working with web development for almost 10 years and whenever I go through a legacy code I almost always identify the same pattern: many unnecessary conditionals.

Whenever I refactor the codes, I can reduce many lines, sometimes hundreds of lines in the same class. …

Diego Miranda

keep the code clean and with that you will leave a good legacy in your projects!

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